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4 Capabilities Health Care Staffing Software Should Provide

As health care institutions turn to staffing firms to fill open positions, staffing agencies will need crucial software capabilities to ensure that the best candidates are matched to the right employment roles.

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5 Reasons Why a Staffing Agency Should Be Its Own MSP

Using a VMS enables a staffing agency to become its own MSP, which brings an array of impactful benefits for the agency, its employees and the candidates it places.

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Boosting recruitment for small rural hospitals

Hospitals located in less densely populated areas have historically had a hard time attracting candidates. 

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Why travel nurses are on the rise and how a VMS can help

Individuals with nursing degrees have a bevy of choices when it comes to their job outlook, and many have been trending toward traveling positions.

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Why Hospitals Should Be Their Own MSP

More Access To Talent As a growing number of Millennials enter the workforce, the decision to work independent of a structured workweek is making contracted labor more and more attractive. Millennials have now surpassed the baby boomers and are expected to comprise 47% of the workforce by 2020 (Pew Research Center). As demand for healthcare […]

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Are you controlling your contract labor spend, or is it controlling you?

As vendor management systems take an increasing market share in acute care settings, hospitals are becoming further removed from the nationwide talent pool. Although the use of a MSP (Master Service Provider) removes many of the administrative hurdles in assignment of temporary labor, it also creates another wall between the hospital and the healthcare professionals […]

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