MSP/VMS in Healthcare Staffing: How it affects the industry

As a follow up from my prior blog, “The Incestuous Nature of Healthcare Staffing VMS/MSP”, I thought it may be instructive to dig a little deeper into the real-world consequences of this growing model. This blog will hopefully help the reader decide if this practice is in fact a zero sum game. It is critical to measure […]

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How a VMS Saves Hospitals Time and Money

VMS technology can enable health care organizations to save considerably, particularly when it comes to their time and financial capital.

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Preparing for Joint Commission Survey: How Workforce Management Software Can Help

Workforce management software can offer the critical resource organizations need to be ready for their Joint Commission accreditation survey.

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Re-evaluating tactics to retain medical staff

There are few best practices medical staffing agencies can leverage to reduce time spent on administrative tasks, providing additional resources that can be devoted to the most pressing priorities.

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5 tips for successful medical recruitment

There are a few best practices health care recruiters can adopt to boost their chances of successful employee placement.

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3 medical staffing trends to watch out for in the second half of 2017

There are a few main staffing trends that recruiters should keep in mind as they look to round out their institution’s workforce.

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Why having a full nursing staff is crucial

Medical staffing software helps HR departments and recruiters easily find the right nursing candidates with the best certifications for open positions, and quickly place those individuals.

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How medical staffing agencies can cut their administrative time

Medical staffing software allows recruiters and agencies to automate many of these time-consuming administrative tasks, such as pushing emails, filling forms and more.

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5 need-to-know facts about locum tenens

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3 Tips for scoring decisive victories in the nursing talent struggle

Healthcare organizations can get a big leg up on their competition by leveraging medical staffing software to help with the candidate search, credentialing and onboarding process.

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