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Stay competitive in the growing healthcare staffing industry


job placementThere is no denying that job opportunities in the healthcare industry are growing, which is why healthcare is the place to be. Careers as a registered nurse rank #2 (Dentistry ranks #1), according to U.S. World News for both top healthcare jobs and top 100 best jobs. Even though job opportunities are growing, the market is still competitive and it is important to remain on top of your A-game. After your years of studying and internships, you aren't always guaranteed a job. Why have all of your hard work go to waste? It's never too late to prepare for the interview that will impress your could-be-future-employer with the all of the wonderful assets you posses in making the healthcare industry better!

Healthcare career seekers

If you are still studying for your degree, you will want to get your foot in the door and gain as much experience as possible. The best way to do this is by researching your field, stay on top of growing trends within the industry, and network! Making connections is a very vital piece of the job search and that goes for any industry too.

Once you have gained some experienced and earned your degree that you have worked so hard for, might as well make that experience work for you. Prepare a great resume and cover letter. Now you make look good on paper, but you will also want to look good in person - prepare yourself for an interview. Sure you've probably had a job interview before but interviewing for your professional career is a little different. Preparing for the interview could play the most vital in obtaining your dream job. Interviewers will ask questions to get a sense of who you are and what you really know. Sometimes the questions asked will be phrased in a way that are meant to sound tricky. You can refer to our blog, "Simple Interview Questions in Healthcare Staffing Not to Overlook" as a reference.

One thing that may be overlooked in the midst of preparing the perfect resume and studying sample interview questions, is social media. What does your social media have to do with you getting a job? In some cases EVERYTHING! It's best, in job searching for any industry, to go over your social media accounts and go through things that may not look good to your future employer. A photo, or a status update that you feel is "harmless" could make or break your chances of landing the job of your dreams.

After preparing your resume and yourself for the interview, you will need to find placement. If you have made great connections throughout your experience, utilize those resources and put the word out that you are looking for placement. If you are looking online, you can check into staffing companies that help you find placement that is best suitable to your area and needs.

For those looking to hire

It's only natural for us to mention that it starts with a great staffing software to help future nurses and caregivers find the career that is most appropriate for them. Times have changed, and you don't have time for nor need to go through a stack of paper resumes to help nurses find appropriate placement. With a great web-based software system, there will be less of a headache to keep your life organized.

Here at BlueSky we can help you with:

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