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MSP/VMS in Healthcare Staffing: How it affects the industry

Posted by Tim Teague on Mon, Nov 20, 2017 @ 05:48 PM

As a follow up from my prior blog, “The Incestuous Nature of Healthcare Staffing VMS/MSP", I thought it may be instructive to dig a little deeper into the real-world consequences of this growing model. This blog will hopefully help the
reader decide if this practice is in fact a zero sum game. It is critical to measure the considerations of both the candidates being placed around the country, and the temporary staffing firms subcontracting their talent through these arrangements.

This focuses on three areas of the staffing industry and how they are impacted by VMS/MSP proliferation.

1. Direct Impact on the “Supply Side” – Agency Affiliation with the MSP

The first item concerns the agency affiliation through the various Managed Service Providers (MSP's). This is a two-edged sword. Acquisition of new clients is one of the most expensive and time-consuming activities of a staffing firm. Since most MSP's hold contracts with multiple clients, the temp firm connecting with the MSP can, by proxy, provide candidates to the hospital client. This assumption is based on the MSP “clearing” the agency to connect. Most MSP's are interested in leveraging their reach to candidates, as clients are always mindful of the “fill rates” provided by the MSP.

The downside to this is firms that previously had agreements with the client hospital no longer can communicate or negotiate with the client. The fees charged for these pass-through invoices can also be a downside. A benefit to this arrangement is smaller staffing firms can leverage the MSP’s to indirectly work with clients they may never have acquired. There has been an uptick of staffing start-ups devoted to utilizing the MSP model to pass through candidates. However, many times they find they are placed in a lower “tier” for job releases, as they do not have the database of candidates the larger firms enjoy.

2. Direct Impact on the “Demand Side” – Hospital Engagement

The second item of interest is demand, or, the orders for talent requested. The client advantage is “one-click” distribution of requests is pushed to dozens of available vendors. What used to take non-stop phone messaging and communication now becomes a one-stop-shop. This funneling of orders through a broadcast network is an efficient model for maximizing fill rates. Many of these VMS platforms have been around for years and hospitals are very familiar with their execution. Many in the industry have complained that since many in the staffing world are paid on commission, the orders that come through the system could be “cherry picked”. Recent lawsuits have brought that into question including claims that candidates coming through the system are poached. This will ultimately be a question for the courts to decide.

3. Direct Impact on the Financial Outcomes of Subcontracting Agencies

The final item of discussion is the financial impact of the MSP model. The fees that
are associated with the MSP model are in some ways similar to the percentages that
agencies are charged for their workers compensation coverage with one major difference. The insurance fees are usually calculated as percentages of actual payrolls, whereas the VMS fees are applied to the gross revenue generated. The MSP fees are calculated for each invoice and are subtracted from the gross.

On the surface, it seems like a pretty fair percentage considering the time and effort required to acquire a new client. The basic accounting principals for staffing firms has not changed since its inception. The gross margin is the amount that is left after all labor costs for the temp staff have been calculated (i.e. a bill rate of $100 with total costs of labor at $75 will yield a gross margin of $25, or 25%). Examining the financials of the largest staffing firms in the industry show gross margins anywhere from 25% to as much as 32%. Overhead (office staff, rent, supplies, etc.) for these firms can run from 8% to 12% of total revenue. Smaller companies may not enjoy the economies of scale of larger companies, and are also tied to a bill rate they did not negotiate with the hospital.

If a smaller company with fewer resources can only manage a margin of 25%, along with operating expenses of 15%, their profit as a percentage of revenue might only be 10%, calculated as Billing Total – Cost of Labor – Overhead. If vendor management fees are pulled out of revenue at 5%, earnings are now cut in half, with VMS fees taking 50% of profit! This is probably a worst-case scenario, but it not unusual for VMS fees to take as much as 33% of earnings. (To calculate the amount your company is currently losing to VMS Fees, click here.)

Considering the impact to profit, and working against fixed billing rates, the agencies only have two choices to recover profit levels; cut overhead, or cut temp labor pay. Cutting the wages of the temp workers to offset the impact of the VMS fees creates an invitation for the temp workers to move to greener pastures. In the MSP world, it makes sense that higher pay rates should be available at those agencies that do not have to pay those fees, hence the big sucking sound of candidates moving to the agencies holding the MSP contracts who do not pay those fees.

It will be interesting to see how the market evolves over the next few years within this paradigm.


BlueSky Medical Staffing Software and VMS was built for the healthcare contingent staffing industry and allows agencies to streamline and automate their entire process, while simultaneously reducing speed to market, ensuring higher quality placements, and helping you get the right people at the right time. Ready to become your own MSP with BlueSky's VMS? Request a demo today.

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BlueSky Healthcare Staffing Enhancements

Posted by Doug Word on Thu, Aug 22, 2013 @ 10:11 AM

BlueSky Medical Staffing SoftwareAt BlueSky, we are always searching for ways to enrich the user experience for our clients. We recognize that healthcare staffing is an ever-evolving industry, so our work is centered on helping staffing agencies save time and money.

With that in mind, we have two exciting new system enhancements to share.

Caregiver/Facility Radius Search

Are you an account manager or recruiter looking to match a facility contract with a caregiver in a certain range? Perhaps you are targeting a certain location for sales or prospecting jobs from facilities.

BlueSky's radius search will help you identify those caregivers and/or facilities within your defined areas. All you will need to do is enter a valid U.S. zip code and search away to find the information you seek within a given radius. This tool is great for both per diem and travel needs.

Caregiver Short Application Feature

Have you ever had caregivers on the phone while you were short on time but wanted to get them entered into your system quickly? Perhaps they had only a minute or two to spare before racing out the door. We understand your time is precious and often fleeting. Enter the BlueSky short application, where basic, yet important, information can get entered into your company's system in a snap.

The short application feature captures only the most relevant data: name, contact information, degree, specialty, recruiter and the ability to upload a resume. From there, one of your team members or the caregiver can go back in at a later date and update the full profile. Most importantly, the information is captured right away and will not get lost in a stack of papers.

Take a look at it below, and let us know what you think. Will this help your agency?

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software

BlueSky is committed to its customers and loves getting feedback!

Ready to experience positive change with BlueSky Medical Staffing Software? Our goal is to save you time and money by housing all of your credentialing, scheduling and caregiver documentation in one easy-to-access location. You can count on our experts to provide answers to all of your burning questions. Call us at 615-349-1985 to schedule a demonstration, or email us at support@bluesky.com.

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Are you scared to try new things for your healthcare staffing agency?

Posted by Jennifer Kardell on Tue, Aug 06, 2013 @ 12:47 PM

cartoonnurseelephantTrying new things is always scary whether it is in your personal life or work life. Which is understandable. Trying new things is like stepping in to the uknown, like stepping into a dark alley that you've never been in or jumping into a pool when you've never learned to swim.

Just look at this video of a baby elephant testing out the waters, pun intended.

I'm guessing the thought what does this baby elephant have to do with me and my healthcare staffing agency. Actually you can learn quite a bit from the little pachyderm. Taking a dip into the pool for the first time may have seemed scary but once he faced his fear and dove right in, he found that he loved his new discovery. A love he may not have known had he not tried. So what exactly can we learn in healthcare staffing from him: TRY. Try something new and you may find that you love your new discovery.

Don't be afraid

Don't be afraid to try new things such as:

Social Media

We have said it time and time again. Social media really is for healthcare staffing. If you are not currently on any social media platform as a company or with a personal account give it a shot. I am a firm believer in social media, not because its my job but I love doing it and the opportunities and connections I have made because of it. Another benefit, accounts are free! You can't turn down free promotion, you just have to know how to do it right. One question I often face is, "I don't want people knowing my business all over the internet". I agree, I don't either. No one really does. The cool thing about that is, you control your social media and you are in control of what information you release to the online world. If you don't want it out there, don't post about it. There are also privacy settings you can put into play if you dont want your colleagues' posts that include you to appear on your accounts. Again, YOU are in control of what YOU do. Give it a shot. Play around with it and don't be scared. If you don't try it you will never know what is waiting for you. Just like the elephant in the video, he may not have known how wonderful splashing around in a new pool was until he tried it little by little before diving in completely.

New Staffing Software

If you have a staffing software that doesn't quite "cut-it" when it comes to what you need, check into your options. Don't be afraid to switch, you have to find a match that is best for you. Jumping into a new software with out testing it is scary but at least taking a leap of faith, so request a demo. This is like dipping your feet in the water before taking the plunge. 

For instance, maybe you've been scared to make the switch to BlueSky because its new, or because it may seem like a lot of work to transfer your data over. You won't ever know until you face the first obstacle of trying and testing it out. So request a demo from us! There could be something wonderful for your staffing software waiting for you.

Mobile Apps

Very rarely do you see someone, or even know someone with out a mobile phone these days. Half the time people have their phones attached to them at all times. Which is a wonderful way to stay connected at all times. However, mobile devices are not just for calls and text messaging any more. There are tons of apps available for users on both for Android users and Apple users. There's pretty much an app for about anything you need in life. Apps to help edit photos, apps that keep all your reward card info, apps that help you with your health and nutrition, the saying is true, "There's an app for that."

Here at BlueSky we have our own mobile app that makes life easier for caregivers to view their schedules, submit time and apply for jobs. All this at their finger tips at anytime anywhere. This alone should be enough to help you conquer your fear of using mobile and mobile apps. You can grant more access and make things easier for your caregivers by using our mobile app. Learn more about our app here.

Trust us, your caregivers will be loving the app access just like the elephant is in the above video.

Thinking out side the box

See, you thought I was crazy relating a baby elephant in a pool to healthcare staffing, and you may still think I'm crazy BUT you did learn something new and hopefully smiled at the site of him diving in to the pool. So take a note from the little pachyderm and try something new! Dive in, roll around, find a new discovery and enjoy it! Even I learned something new from this, I learned that thinking out side the box helps you relate healthcare staffing to elephants in a pool. Definitely a new one for me.

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What should the healthcare staffing industry expect from the ACA?

Posted by Doug Word on Tue, Jul 16, 2013 @ 10:04 AM

healthcare newsThe Obama administration announced earlier this month that it will allow businesses an extra year to comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The law was originally slated to kick in Jan. 1, 2014 but the date for compliance has now been pushed back to Jan. 1, 2015. It will then mandate employers with 50 or more employees to offer minimum-value insurance and cover 95 percent of those workers through so-called employer shared responsibility requirements.

What should healthcare staffing agencies expect from this adjustment and from the ACA itself?

The announcement gives employers time to study whether or not complying with this facet of the law is in their best interest and plan accordingly. They will still have the option to “play,” meaning comply, or “pay” the government-mandated fine for non-compliance when the time comes.

The delay will benefit larger organizations that were prepared to remain well above the 50-employee threshold. Reporting requirements to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can now get pushed back a year for employers, insurers and other reporting entities without fear of penalty.

The reason behind the administration’s announcement to allow employers an extra year to prepare for implementation centered on the “complexity of the requirements and the need for more time to implement them effectively,” according to the Department of the Treasury.

Treasury also put forth two goals: (1) simplification of the new reporting requirements consistent with the law, and (2) adaptation of the health coverage and reporting systems.

Industry analysts have differing views on the influence of the act itself.

Justin Junkel, vice president of finance and analytics at Pinnacle anticipates four major developments as a result of the health care law:

  1. Companies will transition lower-skilled workers to shifts of less than 30 hours per week.
  2. Staffing firms will increase markups or bill rates to offset the costs of providing healthcare coverage and the associated administrative expenses.
  3. Health plans will adjust their costs to fall closer to the ACA minimums.
  4. The overall cost of healthcare coverage will rise over time, as companies make process changes to comply with ACA requirements.

Junkel also noted, “The ACA will result in cost increases for staffing firms, due to the requirement of providing healthcare coverage to previously uncovered employees or paying the taxes associated with not providing affordable coverage.”

Jeanne Knutzen, founder and CEO of the PACE Staffing Network, said:

“We are anticipating that the costs to become fully compliant with the law will require most staffing companies to ask for a two-to-four percent increase in client bill rates, just to break even; anywhere from 16 to 35 cents per hour.”

The ACA could help the temporary staffing industry in this way: some companies will want to remain below the 50-employee marker and turn to agencies with temporary and part-time labor.

Jay Hancock of Kaiser Health News said, “By requiring employer coverage only for those who put in at least 30 hours a week, the act appears to create an incentive for companies to do less with permanent workers and more with part-timers, which are the main focus of staffing agencies.”

Another workaround for the industry could be a regulation the IRS created last year known as the "look-back/stability period safe harbor method.” It essentially gives employers of “variable hour” labor, like staffing agencies, 12 months to determine whether or not an employee is a temporary worker or full-time worker deserving of health care benefits.

Bernard Wolfson of MEDCITY News noted, “The Affordable Care Act probably presents the biggest challenges to employers in industries that use a lot of part-time and seasonal workers. Their hours can vary dramatically from week to week or month to month, making it difficult to calculate who is eligible for benefits and who is not.”

The emerging consensus is the ACA is a complicated law that has the potential to impact companies positively or negatively once it is implemented. Companies that will be influenced now have more time to get out in front of the issues associated with the act, but understanding and implementing a strategic plan for the future is essential.

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Social media serves as a benefit to your healthcare staffing agency?

Posted by Jennifer Kardell on Thu, Jul 11, 2013 @ 12:15 PM

facebook youre doing it wrongAnother blog about social media? Yeah we're going there. Social media still seems to scare some in the healthcare staffing industry. Don't be scared! More than likely you have a Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or some kind of online social presence for your personal life. The thing is, it's just as important for companies to have a social media presence to promote themselves just as you do on your personal accounts. If you use social media correctly, it can work to a great marketing aspect to your company. Seriously! Think about it, social media is free, helps you gain leads (FOR FREE), build great customer relations (free!) and you can market your company and what it has to offer, again, FOR FREE! As a company how can you say no to any kind of free promotion? That's right you can't. We can get into why marketing and social media are vital to the success of your company at a later point, let's just get you on social media and give you some tips on how you can make your staffing agency one of the "cool kids" online. Now I'm just sounding like a Brad Paisley song....

Moving on!

Oil and Water

A common misconception is that there is no place for social media in healthcare staffing, WRONG! They do go together believe it or not. Sometimes social media can be a hard sell, and we understand. When people ask a social media guru what they do all day they expect them to say, "I just play on Facebook all day"...not exactly. Although it may seem like "just playing on Facebook", its a benefit to the company and an easy way to see how competitors are reaching out to their client/consumer base.

Another, more important thought is, how can social media thrive in the healthcare industry when everything is so confidential and ever changing. That's actually what makes these two a perfect combination. You don't have to tweet about clients and their personal information. You can actually take an experience you have had and turn it in to a positive learning experience for someone else. For example, as a physician you could tweet or post on facebook small tips about your profession that educate the general public without giving away all your secrets. It could be as simple as a dentist posting about benefits of flossing. Simple as that.

Still need more proof? Let us share 5 tips on why social media IS for healthcare staffing.

Don't limit yourself!

When it comes to social media there are numerous options, don't limit yourself to one! The more accounts you have the more presence and influence you will have. Social media is actually pretty simple I promise. Yes, having numerous accounts may sound like a hassle but there are programs out there that help you link your accounts so you can type your message in one place and it can be posted on all your accounts. Although, it's not always the best idea to say the same things on all your social media platforms because one of your social media bases may not find it necessary to follow all your different accounts. For example, if you post the same thing on Twitter all the time that you do on Facebook, why would your followers on Twitter feel the need to "Like" you on Facebook? Keep your "fan base" on their toes and post different info bits on all your social media platforms sending your followers to see info they can't see on just their favorite social media outlet.

Make your social media work FOR you

I could sit here and write a lengthy blog on each different social media outlet and list hundreds of ways each platform can be used to benefit your brand, but lets face it...Ain't nobody got time for that! Here is a list of a few ways to expand your social media outside of the box.

Your turn to speak out! Connect with us!

What ways have you used social media that are out of the box?

Are you connected with us online?

Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Pinterest  |  Instagram  |  LinkedIn

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A common problem with nurses in healthcare staffing? Know what it is?

Posted by Jennifer Kardell on Tue, Jul 09, 2013 @ 11:48 AM

license revoked crop380wWith any job there are always "it-could-happen-but-its-unlikely" type situations. For example, a recent news story broke about a Tiffany's store employee that stole $1.3 million in jewels from their employer. This something that probably sits in the back of every company owner's mind but never expects to deal with.

However, this is also a common problem within our healthcare staffing industry. A common problem? Sure it may have crossed your mind that someone could be a part of some wrong-doing against their company but you wouldn't think that it would happen with your employer or even within your industry. Especially with all the background checks and security issues that are over looked before someone becomes a nurse, caregiver, practioner, etc.

Recent Cases

There have been quite a few cases recently about nurses who have stolen drugs from their facilities. Think about it, drugs are easily at the hands of the nurses and caregivers who deliver the medications to their patients. Even if you didn't have to think about it, and this thought crossed your mind you have to admit you probably never thought that it was as common as it is. Some recent cases with nurses stealing drugs in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin have appeared in recent news. Of course there are more nurses, more cases and more states in which this is happening but only just a few examples.

What Lies Ahead

In the New Hampshire case the nurse's liscence was suspended for the duration of the trial, she will soon be arraigned for her Class B Felony of possessing a controlled drug, as well as a Class A misdemeanor for abuse of a facility patient.

The Pennsylvania nurse not only stole drugs, but tried to cover her tracks by replacing the patients' medication with a diluted dose. They had plead guilty in court and now face 11-to-23 months of jail time. In addition to surrendering her nurse lisence.

Of course the sentencing and liscence suspension times will all vary due to numerous factors according to the state regulations in which the felony occurs.

Common question: Why?

The risk is far too great to take to most, especially when not only your liscence but your life is at stake by taking the risk. The question of "Why" can't help but cross anyone's mind when it comes to these cases. It could be for distribution to make money, or maybe the act is done because the job proves to be too stressful and the nurses themselves are educated on what the medicine does for their patients that they steal the drugs to eliminate their pain. It could come down to a number of reasons.

The reason why usually results in a crazy resoning but the more important question (and the interesting answer to follow) would be why someone, who spent a lot of their time and money on earning their education to obtain their job, would throw all that away by stealing drugs. Or at least that's one of my first thoughts. Is the potential of jail time and having the lisence you've worked so hard to acheive really worth stealing the drugs, no. Again, just my opinion.

Speak Out: Give us your opinon

What do you think a typical sentence should be for those who steal drugs from their facilities?

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Smart choices in healthcare staffing means big decisions.

Posted by Jennifer Kardell on Tue, Jul 02, 2013 @ 01:04 PM

whichpathIn life we face a lot of big decisions like buying car, purchasing a home, what to major in at college, etc. Facing big decisions never changes and doesn't always get easier as time goes on. Choosing the right healthcare staffing software isn't any different than making a big life-changing decision.

Determining The Need

The first step in making a big decision is determining the need of the desired result. In this case choosing the right healthcare staffing software. If you are a start-up company that is new to healthcare staffing software you definitely have more pressure on your shoulders to find the right path than a company who is looking to switch or looking to find something more suitable for their needs. Start your decision making process with a pro's and con's list to determine what really is important to you and your company. These lists will help you make the right decision.

Search And Rescue

The next step after determining that you do in fact need a staffing software solution or that you need to switch companies, is searching for the perfect fit. Sure, you know you want a great staffing software that can handle all of your companies needs but fits within your budget. You also want to find a software system that isn't complicated and has a great support team to assist you with any questions you may have. So begins your search to find all these qualities to make the perfect match. Think of this process of demo-ing with staffing software companies like trying to find the perfect shoes. If the shoe is to small and constricting, their is a lot of pain involved both short and long-term. If the shoe is too big, you have room to grow which is great but there is still a lot of unnecessary space to be filled which doesn't benefit you either. You can't run the marathon with out shoes that fit you perfectly, and you can't run your company without a software that fits your needs perfectly.

Also, get to know your staffing software provider choices. Look at their web site, social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc.) to get a feel for how they are as a company.

Confirming Your Big Decision

Once you have decided on the perfect software company, it's time to take that deep breath and face the decision you have made. As you already know, the decisions you make effect you down the road and not just in the here-and-now. This is what complicates the decision making process, but if you have utilized all of your resources you should know that you have made the decision that is best for you and your company.

Decision Aftermath

Now that you've made your decision, you can breath a sigh of relief right? Well, I hate to discourage you but no. There is still a bit more work involved. You will need to begin training sessions and for those switching software companies you will more than likely need to go through the data conversion process of moving from one place to another. Nobody likes moving....anything.

After All Is Said And Done

You have signed the dotted line for your new software, completed the training process and are ready to go. Now it is time to breathe that sigh of relief.

Choose a BlueSky Future

If you are a start-up company or looking to switch software companies we encourage you to check out BlueSky! We have even compiled our top 5 reasons why you should consider us. Be sure to request a demo and see how our software and awesome support team can take your company to the next level. We want you to feel like you're choosing the right healthcare staffing software that is best for you and have put together more information on how to make this decision easier for you. Still need more proof that a BlueSky future is best for you? Let our clients tell you themselves.

We look forward to assisting you with your staffing needs!

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Stay competitive in the growing healthcare staffing industry

Posted by Jennifer Kardell on Thu, Jun 27, 2013 @ 10:32 AM

job placementThere is no denying that job opportunities in the healthcare industry are growing, which is why healthcare is the place to be. Careers as a registered nurse rank #2 (Dentistry ranks #1), according to U.S. World News for both top healthcare jobs and top 100 best jobs. Even though job opportunities are growing, the market is still competitive and it is important to remain on top of your A-game. After your years of studying and internships, you aren't always guaranteed a job. Why have all of your hard work go to waste? It's never too late to prepare for the interview that will impress your could-be-future-employer with the all of the wonderful assets you posses in making the healthcare industry better!

Healthcare career seekers

If you are still studying for your degree, you will want to get your foot in the door and gain as much experience as possible. The best way to do this is by researching your field, stay on top of growing trends within the industry, and network! Making connections is a very vital piece of the job search and that goes for any industry too.

Once you have gained some experienced and earned your degree that you have worked so hard for, might as well make that experience work for you. Prepare a great resume and cover letter. Now you make look good on paper, but you will also want to look good in person - prepare yourself for an interview. Sure you've probably had a job interview before but interviewing for your professional career is a little different. Preparing for the interview could play the most vital in obtaining your dream job. Interviewers will ask questions to get a sense of who you are and what you really know. Sometimes the questions asked will be phrased in a way that are meant to sound tricky. You can refer to our blog, "Simple Interview Questions in Healthcare Staffing Not to Overlook" as a reference.

One thing that may be overlooked in the midst of preparing the perfect resume and studying sample interview questions, is social media. What does your social media have to do with you getting a job? In some cases EVERYTHING! It's best, in job searching for any industry, to go over your social media accounts and go through things that may not look good to your future employer. A photo, or a status update that you feel is "harmless" could make or break your chances of landing the job of your dreams.

After preparing your resume and yourself for the interview, you will need to find placement. If you have made great connections throughout your experience, utilize those resources and put the word out that you are looking for placement. If you are looking online, you can check into staffing companies that help you find placement that is best suitable to your area and needs.

For those looking to hire

It's only natural for us to mention that it starts with a great staffing software to help future nurses and caregivers find the career that is most appropriate for them. Times have changed, and you don't have time for nor need to go through a stack of paper resumes to help nurses find appropriate placement. With a great web-based software system, there will be less of a headache to keep your life organized.

Here at BlueSky we can help you with:

Interested in learning more about BlueSky and how we can help your staffing agency?

Request a demo!

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The healthcare staffing industry has gone digital, but have you?

Posted by Jennifer Kardell on Tue, Jun 25, 2013 @ 11:30 AM

digitalhealthcareIt's obvious to see the changes on the surface of healthcare and how it has adapted the now digital age. Paper files are now being scanned to become digital files - that can be accessed from about anywhere, well...as long as HIPPA guidelines are followed. You can be notified that your prescriptions are ready for pickup via text message. Bills can be paid online from the comfort of your own home. Nurses can apply for jobs to about anywhere via the internet instead of mailing their resumes. Nurses can even be notified on their mobile phones via text message about job openings, as well as apply for the jobs - all this in the palm of their hands and while on-the-go!

The internet and digital age have made great changes to the healthcare industry, but have you ever thought about what becoming digital has done for the industry below the surface?

Digitizing documents

Now that patient records are being scanned into hospital software systems, this makes it easier for doctors, nurses, and caregivers to access personal files as well as patient files. It makes it especially easy when the software systems, like BlueSky, are web-based. Important information can be accessed from about anywhere, of course, as long as it follows HIPPA guidelines. Not only does digitizing patient information make it easy for information to be accessed but this proccess has now created a full-time job. Consider this a double-win. A job is created for someone and necessary information can be accessed within seconds.

Get Social

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are among the top of the social media world. All of which can and do act as an important piece to the healthcare world puzzle. If you are a healthcare staffing agency you can use Facebook and Twitter to post job opening notifications to nurses and caregivers. Hospitals, clinics and facilities can use Facebook, Twitter to post about upcoming events at the facility, or news about the hospital. For example, if a hospital is adding on a new cancer treatment department - share photos and news updates via social media! Share your world with everyone! Some physicians and facilities have even taken to social media to spread awareness about certain causes/illnesses, and some have even offered medical advice and suggestions.

Mobile phones play an important role

Mobile, a form of the word mobility. We are all on-the-go these days, why should your healthcare needs be left at home? Our phones are always with us, and they also can serve as a great resource by helping us access pretty much anything at anytime. You can check emails, check your social media accounts and surf the internet. Utilize these resources for your healthcare! There are also thousands of apps available in both Android Marketplace and Apple's App Store that make your world less complicated. Are you a nurse that's always on the go and wants to access their schedule via their phone? Or need to turn a timesheet in but don't have time to physically turn in your time? Are you a staffing agency that wants to send text messages to caregivers notifying them of an open need? Luckily with apps, like BlueSky's mobile app, all of this can be done! Get mobile and simply your already-complicated-busy-on-the-go life!

Connecting via the internet

You don't have to sit in a classroom to learn about what's new in the industry anymore. Online webinars and applications, like Skype, make connecting with other professionals easy, and cost-effective. Can't sit in on an important meeting? Use a online conference call system. Need to do a job interview? Use Skype? Can't attend an importance conference round-table session that offers you advice on how to better your staffing agency, or learn about a new product your hospital could use? Online webinar's make this possible! Going digital with healthcare is heading into a positive direction, jump on the trend!

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These are just a couple ways healthcare has changed over the years. There are so many benefits of going digital that have propelled our healthcare industry into being the best it can be. Share your digital healthcare experiences with us! Does your agency still use paper files? Have you switched to digital files? Have you kept the paper files as a back up or are you completely digital? Do you use an out-of-the-box type method to promote the industry or causes? Reach out to us on Twitter (@blueskymss) or Facebook and let us know how you are using social media to better the healthcare industry. Another reason why we love social media - we can connect with others to see how they are utilizing social media and learn something new.

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Potential hazards of 1099's in healthcare staffing?

Posted by Jennifer Kardell on Thu, Jun 20, 2013 @ 10:04 AM

1099 Magnifying Glasslg2Utilizing independent contractors can sometimes be a difficult and confusing task to take on.  They are used not only in the healthcare staffing industry, but in almost every industry out there.  Its important for companies to have some general knowledge on independent contractors, as misclassifying employees and independent contractors can result in potentially serious consequences. 

First, its important to know what an independent contractor actually is, as opposed to a regular employee.  According to the IRS, someone is generally an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or direct only the result of the work, and not what will be done or how it will be done.  Independent contractors usually set their own hours and are paid on a freelance basis, either a flat rate or per job.  They conduct their work in a manner that is independent from the company that is paying them for the work.  Therefore, its important to note that independent contractors are not entitled to benefits that are afforded to employees such as retirement funds, 401ks and health insurance.  Independent contractors can, however, deduct certain health insurance premium costs when they file taxes. 

They are also different from regular employees as far as filing taxes are concerned.  Independent contractors dont have income taxes withheld from their earnings.  It is their responsibility to pay any taxes on their earnings, and not the companys.  Therefore, different measures must be taken when dealing with taxation procedures.  The two most common IRS forms associated with independent contractors are the W-9 and the 1099-MISC.  The W-9 (The W-4 is used for an actual employee) is a form that an independent contractor must fill out upon his/her agreement to work for a particular company.  The 1099-MISC is a form that the company must fill out and submit to the IRS for the independent contractor if compensation for their work exceeds $600.  These different tax procedures are an important reason why companies must be vigilant about properly classifying independent contractors and employees.  A company misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor can result in substantial tax issues and penalties for failure to pay employment taxes and filing required tax forms.

Its important for everyone in our industry to have some proper general knowledge about independent contractors.  All parties involved must be aware of the nature of the agreement being set forth and the work that is to be done to ensure that individuals are being properly classified so that companies will not be subject to penalties set forth by the IRS.   

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