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How Leading Staffing Agencies Can Quickly Fill 1,000’s of Job Orders

Posted by Kate Akers on Mon, Jan 11, 2016 @ 11:02 AM

In the staSlide1.jpgffing industry time is of the essence and having the right technology can make or break a company. EZ Job Filler, a new breakthrough technology in medical staffing, allows agencies to fill VMS job assignments even faster.

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software has partnered with EZ Job Filler to automate the process of importing job orders from various job aggregators. Utilizing this tool, agencies can simply forward the orders from various VMS platforms to the BlueSky System via EZ Job Filler to quickly populate the system for fast candidate matching.

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software is a leading provider of Software as a Service solution in the healthcare staffing industry. BlueSky services manage credentials, schedules, payments and reporting for a variety of healthcare providers. BlueSky continues its commitment to meeting the needs of its clients by providing them with cutting-edge tools in this evolving market, such as providing it’s users with a mobile application and now offers its latest enhancements with EZ Job Filler.

The demand for healthcare staff is steadily growing due to signing of the Affordable Care Act and the aging baby boomer generation. The latest Bureau of Labor Statistic report on current employment shows the healthcare sector averaged monthly growth of 40,000 jobs in 2015 versus 26,000 in 2014.

Consequently, Healthcare staffing has seen the proliferation of vendor management systems (VMS) and/or managed services providers (MSP) whereby jobs are aggregated and delivered in bulk to temporary agencies. These bulk orders often create new manual entry requirements for the staffing agencies. EZ Job Filler has successfully bridged the gap between the demand for services and the best possible matches.

The technology is one more move in the elimination of tedious and oftentimes error prone data entry. Tim Teague, President of BlueSky Medical Staffing Software and a veteran of the healthcare staffing industry, understands that technology can give agencies a significant advantage. He says, “As demand for healthcare workers increases, the battle for talent will be won by those organizations that can respond the most quickly and efficiently.”

EZ Job Filler is designed to maximize the user’s speed to market, while minimizing the back-office staff required to enter each posted job listing.

Click here to learn more about this ground breaking techonology. 

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BlueSky Healthcare Staffing Enhancements

Posted by Doug Word on Thu, Aug 22, 2013 @ 10:11 AM

BlueSky Medical Staffing SoftwareAt BlueSky, we are always searching for ways to enrich the user experience for our clients. We recognize that healthcare staffing is an ever-evolving industry, so our work is centered on helping staffing agencies save time and money.

With that in mind, we have two exciting new system enhancements to share.

Caregiver/Facility Radius Search

Are you an account manager or recruiter looking to match a facility contract with a caregiver in a certain range? Perhaps you are targeting a certain location for sales or prospecting jobs from facilities.

BlueSky's radius search will help you identify those caregivers and/or facilities within your defined areas. All you will need to do is enter a valid U.S. zip code and search away to find the information you seek within a given radius. This tool is great for both per diem and travel needs.

Caregiver Short Application Feature

Have you ever had caregivers on the phone while you were short on time but wanted to get them entered into your system quickly? Perhaps they had only a minute or two to spare before racing out the door. We understand your time is precious and often fleeting. Enter the BlueSky short application, where basic, yet important, information can get entered into your company's system in a snap.

The short application feature captures only the most relevant data: name, contact information, degree, specialty, recruiter and the ability to upload a resume. From there, one of your team members or the caregiver can go back in at a later date and update the full profile. Most importantly, the information is captured right away and will not get lost in a stack of papers.

Take a look at it below, and let us know what you think. Will this help your agency?

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software

BlueSky is committed to its customers and loves getting feedback!

Ready to experience positive change with BlueSky Medical Staffing Software? Our goal is to save you time and money by housing all of your credentialing, scheduling and caregiver documentation in one easy-to-access location. You can count on our experts to provide answers to all of your burning questions. Call us at 615-349-1985 to schedule a demonstration, or email us at support@bluesky.com.

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The Emergence of Freestanding ERs

Posted by Doug Word on Tue, Aug 13, 2013 @ 08:50 AM

Freestanding Emergency RoomsFreestanding emergency rooms have popped up across the country, but according to a recent NPR story, they have advantages as well as drawbacks.

Freestanding ERs are seen as competition to urgent care centers, which are available as convenient options for non-life threatening emergencies like influenza or a sprained ankle.

Thinking of staffing into freestanding ERs? Share your thoughts here.

There is a huge difference between the two, however. Freestanding ERs typically offer the full range of services found at traditional hospitals. Some accept ambulance traffic, something not available at most urgent care centers.

However, this ABC News article notes that:

"Ambulances generally won't bring the most critically ill to the stand-alone centers, including trauma patients and those having strokes or heart attacks. In Miami, ambulances won't bring patients to stand-alone ERs at all."

A few of the qualities these emergency centers boast include:
-- Low waiting times
-- Cutting-edge equipment
-- Staff is equipped to handle almost any patient need.
-- Increased access for communities without a nearby hospital
-- Carries potential to alleviate overcrowding in traditional ERs

Negative aspects include:
-- High cost for patients and insurance companies
-- Typically not available in low-income communities
-- Some don't accept Medicare or Medicaid
-- Care could be compromised if full services are not offered.

Freestanding ERs are identified as a trend "taking hold in health care building" in this Nashville Business Journal blog. The author, E.J. Boyer, also notes, "the increased interest from clients in freestanding emergency departments repeated itself like a broken record."

Insurance companies are dissatisfied, however, claiming that the high costs will ultimately drive up the prices for consumers.

According to the NPR story, the main reason for the sticker shock is what is known as a facility fee, or a charge "for all the overhead, including expensive equipment like the CAT scanner and the lab."

Does your agency staff into freestanding ERs? Are you thinking of exploring this emerging market? Have you already begun? If so, please share your thoughts about this trending topic in the healthcare industry.


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The Brave New World of Healthcare Staffing

Posted by Doug Word on Thu, Aug 08, 2013 @ 08:54 AM

describe the imageEntering the unique world of healthcare staffing is challenging at best and overwhelming at worst, but it can also prove very rewarding. In its simplest form, the industry involves matching a qualified, credentialed nurse to a unit within a hospital, but there is so much more that goes into making that happen. One thing is for sure: it is not for the faint of heart.

My perspective as a new employee with BlueSky might differ from the experiences of others as they enter the medical staffing industry from the agency side. However, for me, there were several items that took time to wrap my mind around. In retrospect, following the steps below can make a big difference:

1. Accept it, the terminology is daunting. From per diem and travel nursing to locum tenens staffing, the verbiage of the industry takes time to learn if familiarity is lacking. Don't fret if you happen upon a word or phrase that you don't immediately comprehend. It will occur early and often. Allow yourself time to Google around for the answers to questions you come across.

2. Ask a lot of questions. When starting from square one like I did, there is no quicker way to gain an understanding of how things work than asking questions of co-workers that have made it this far in the industry. There is a reason they are still standing. Receiving a high-level overview early on is also recommended even if it seems like information overload. Your retention rate might suffer, but things will start to make sense as you go along. Don't be shy: you can only learn by asking.

3. Take good notes. Not only will good note-taking help you retain information, but it also gives you a strong reference point for revisiting topics you had difficulty comprehending the first time around.

4. Try to grasp the big picture. In healthcare staffing it is so easy to get bogged down in the weeds of how each facet of the industry functions. Keeping your mind focused on the big picture is key, however. If the operation of the entire system starts to make sense then the smaller components will come into clearer focus as well.

From a staffing agency's perspective, finding a way to manage all of the information you have to manage will top the priority list. Once you build relationships, establish contracts between facilities and locate caregivers, you will need a one-stop shop out of which to operate and manage your data.

From credentialing to scheduling to licensing and beyond, placing a caregiver into a short- or long-term assignment can prove challenging.

Thankfully, there is an answer with BlueSky Medical Staffing Software.

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Smart choices in healthcare staffing means big decisions.

Posted by Jennifer Kardell on Tue, Jul 02, 2013 @ 01:04 PM

whichpathIn life we face a lot of big decisions like buying car, purchasing a home, what to major in at college, etc. Facing big decisions never changes and doesn't always get easier as time goes on. Choosing the right healthcare staffing software isn't any different than making a big life-changing decision.

Determining The Need

The first step in making a big decision is determining the need of the desired result. In this case choosing the right healthcare staffing software. If you are a start-up company that is new to healthcare staffing software you definitely have more pressure on your shoulders to find the right path than a company who is looking to switch or looking to find something more suitable for their needs. Start your decision making process with a pro's and con's list to determine what really is important to you and your company. These lists will help you make the right decision.

Search And Rescue

The next step after determining that you do in fact need a staffing software solution or that you need to switch companies, is searching for the perfect fit. Sure, you know you want a great staffing software that can handle all of your companies needs but fits within your budget. You also want to find a software system that isn't complicated and has a great support team to assist you with any questions you may have. So begins your search to find all these qualities to make the perfect match. Think of this process of demo-ing with staffing software companies like trying to find the perfect shoes. If the shoe is to small and constricting, their is a lot of pain involved both short and long-term. If the shoe is too big, you have room to grow which is great but there is still a lot of unnecessary space to be filled which doesn't benefit you either. You can't run the marathon with out shoes that fit you perfectly, and you can't run your company without a software that fits your needs perfectly.

Also, get to know your staffing software provider choices. Look at their web site, social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc.) to get a feel for how they are as a company.

Confirming Your Big Decision

Once you have decided on the perfect software company, it's time to take that deep breath and face the decision you have made. As you already know, the decisions you make effect you down the road and not just in the here-and-now. This is what complicates the decision making process, but if you have utilized all of your resources you should know that you have made the decision that is best for you and your company.

Decision Aftermath

Now that you've made your decision, you can breath a sigh of relief right? Well, I hate to discourage you but no. There is still a bit more work involved. You will need to begin training sessions and for those switching software companies you will more than likely need to go through the data conversion process of moving from one place to another. Nobody likes moving....anything.

After All Is Said And Done

You have signed the dotted line for your new software, completed the training process and are ready to go. Now it is time to breathe that sigh of relief.

Choose a BlueSky Future

If you are a start-up company or looking to switch software companies we encourage you to check out BlueSky! We have even compiled our top 5 reasons why you should consider us. Be sure to request a demo and see how our software and awesome support team can take your company to the next level. We want you to feel like you're choosing the right healthcare staffing software that is best for you and have put together more information on how to make this decision easier for you. Still need more proof that a BlueSky future is best for you? Let our clients tell you themselves.

We look forward to assisting you with your staffing needs!

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The healthcare staffing industry has gone digital, but have you?

Posted by Jennifer Kardell on Tue, Jun 25, 2013 @ 11:30 AM

digitalhealthcareIt's obvious to see the changes on the surface of healthcare and how it has adapted the now digital age. Paper files are now being scanned to become digital files - that can be accessed from about anywhere, well...as long as HIPPA guidelines are followed. You can be notified that your prescriptions are ready for pickup via text message. Bills can be paid online from the comfort of your own home. Nurses can apply for jobs to about anywhere via the internet instead of mailing their resumes. Nurses can even be notified on their mobile phones via text message about job openings, as well as apply for the jobs - all this in the palm of their hands and while on-the-go!

The internet and digital age have made great changes to the healthcare industry, but have you ever thought about what becoming digital has done for the industry below the surface?

Digitizing documents

Now that patient records are being scanned into hospital software systems, this makes it easier for doctors, nurses, and caregivers to access personal files as well as patient files. It makes it especially easy when the software systems, like BlueSky, are web-based. Important information can be accessed from about anywhere, of course, as long as it follows HIPPA guidelines. Not only does digitizing patient information make it easy for information to be accessed but this proccess has now created a full-time job. Consider this a double-win. A job is created for someone and necessary information can be accessed within seconds.

Get Social

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are among the top of the social media world. All of which can and do act as an important piece to the healthcare world puzzle. If you are a healthcare staffing agency you can use Facebook and Twitter to post job opening notifications to nurses and caregivers. Hospitals, clinics and facilities can use Facebook, Twitter to post about upcoming events at the facility, or news about the hospital. For example, if a hospital is adding on a new cancer treatment department - share photos and news updates via social media! Share your world with everyone! Some physicians and facilities have even taken to social media to spread awareness about certain causes/illnesses, and some have even offered medical advice and suggestions.

Mobile phones play an important role

Mobile, a form of the word mobility. We are all on-the-go these days, why should your healthcare needs be left at home? Our phones are always with us, and they also can serve as a great resource by helping us access pretty much anything at anytime. You can check emails, check your social media accounts and surf the internet. Utilize these resources for your healthcare! There are also thousands of apps available in both Android Marketplace and Apple's App Store that make your world less complicated. Are you a nurse that's always on the go and wants to access their schedule via their phone? Or need to turn a timesheet in but don't have time to physically turn in your time? Are you a staffing agency that wants to send text messages to caregivers notifying them of an open need? Luckily with apps, like BlueSky's mobile app, all of this can be done! Get mobile and simply your already-complicated-busy-on-the-go life!

Connecting via the internet

You don't have to sit in a classroom to learn about what's new in the industry anymore. Online webinars and applications, like Skype, make connecting with other professionals easy, and cost-effective. Can't sit in on an important meeting? Use a online conference call system. Need to do a job interview? Use Skype? Can't attend an importance conference round-table session that offers you advice on how to better your staffing agency, or learn about a new product your hospital could use? Online webinar's make this possible! Going digital with healthcare is heading into a positive direction, jump on the trend!

Share your experience with us!

These are just a couple ways healthcare has changed over the years. There are so many benefits of going digital that have propelled our healthcare industry into being the best it can be. Share your digital healthcare experiences with us! Does your agency still use paper files? Have you switched to digital files? Have you kept the paper files as a back up or are you completely digital? Do you use an out-of-the-box type method to promote the industry or causes? Reach out to us on Twitter (@blueskymss) or Facebook and let us know how you are using social media to better the healthcare industry. Another reason why we love social media - we can connect with others to see how they are utilizing social media and learn something new.

Intrigued about what BlueSky can offer for you and your healthcare staffing needs?

Request a demo!

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Guest Blog: Is Social Media an Inevitability for Healthcare Staffing?

Posted by Jennifer Kardell on Thu, Jun 06, 2013 @ 11:10 AM

Today's blog post is a guest post from Kiala from Staffing Robot. We are very appreciative of her for taking the time to send us a guest post.


pharma social mediaWe’re all guilty of it: googling our symptoms to decide whether we should call the coroner or not. And I’m certain we’ve all had the similar exam room experience of mumbling  “Well WebMD said it was probably cancer.....or a skin rash” while your physician calmly took your cyberchondria in stride and went about their job of correctly diagnosing you.

Obviously, this is the dark side of the internet in regards to health information. Fortunately, as the healthcare field begins to take a proactive role in the world of social media and internet medicine, a solution is taking shape.

Medical Field Ready to Embrace the Internet

Today, more and more members of the medical profession are utilizing social media for sharing helpful medical information and providing patient care - but with a high degree of caution.

From Digital Trends:

“I see Twitter as a higher-risk environment, as it’s basically an open forum.”

Thomas Lee, M.D. of the Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center in Westerville, Ohio raises a valid point: Social media is a difficult media for a physician because of HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. “It is very difficult to talk about medical care without personalizing the content, and you can’t personalize content without violating HIPAA...without the opportunity to directly talk to a patient and examine them, our ability to be accurate is significantly mitigated.”

However! Claire McCarthy, M.D. over at the HuffPo counters theses fears with this:

Medicine itself is all about relationships. If you have good relationships with your health care providers, it helps you get better care. In good relationships, both sides listen more and tell more. When you trust someone, you are more likely to follow their advice. By finding ways for providers and patients to have conversations on social media, we could strengthen and support those relationships. This is a new frontier for us, and we'll need to be thoughtful about how we do it, but if we can face transplants and cure leukemia, I think we can figure out a way for doctors and patients to be together on social media.

Yes, yes but what does this have to do with me as a Healthcare Staffing company?

Everything! We all agree that the healthcare field is an integral part of the current medical system and as such you need to immerse yourself in the world of social media. If potential candidates, patients, providers, etc were all gathering together at a conference you would want to have a presence there wouldn't you? And not just as a voyeur but as an active participant. You'd want to get to know these people and have them get to know you and you would want all of them talking about your staffing company. 
And that's exactly what social media allows you to do - become an integral part of their day to day conversations. So get in there and start tweeting, face-booking, tumbling, etc. immediately! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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3 Tips for integrating Electronic Signature in Healthcare Staffing

Posted by Julie Moore on Tue, Jun 04, 2013 @ 10:04 AM

yousignhereIf you haven’t heard BlueSky is integrated with a new eSignature software called YouSignHere. With the integration of YouSignHere into BlueSky you can send and sign documents from anywhere helping you do business faster and more efficiently.  BlueSky can merge information from a travel contract such as pay-rates, housing details and it never has to be duplicate entry. Gone are the days of faxing, scanning, printing and costly overnight shipping.  Now your recruiters are excited about electronic signature and you are off to the races but how do you get your healthcare professionals onboard and bought into using esignature as well.

Esignature is often a misunderstood technology and many people are not aware of the validity, security or legality of an esignature. So it is important to talk to your healthcare providers and explain to them why the move to electronic signature is important.  So, if I was a healthcare staffing agency and wanted to have a provider sign electronic documents this is what I would tell them.

1.     Esignatures are Secure

In no other industry is security and authenticity of electronic documents more important than in healthcare.  Healthcare providers are under pressure every day to protect patient’s privacy and therefore when it comes to their own information they are protective too – as they should be!  Esignature software, including YouSign here, are many times more secure than paper documents. 

Encryption technology creates a digital signature on electronic documents and provides a thorough audit trail so if a document is tampered with it is immediately known.

2.     It’s the Law – since 2000!

Both federal and state law gives electronic signatures the same legality as handwritten signatures.  In June of 2000 President Clinton signed into law the Electronic Signature Act and with this law it gave electronic contracts the same legality as paper signed documents.  Every state also has at least one law that relates to esignatures as well.  The Uniform Electronic Transaction Act preceded the ESIGN Act also giving the same legality of signature but ultimately provided the legal framework for electronic signatures to all of the states.      

3.     Easy.  Simple.  Done.

Using electronic signature in the fast paced world of the healthcare staffing industry agencies can avoid costly mistakes.  Electronic signature guides a user step by step to complete a document and it will not allow the user sign the document until all required fields are complete.  How often have you spent time going through a manual document ensuring all of the right details are completed?

User also don’t have to create an account or have an special equipment to sign a YouSignHere document, all you need is access to an internet connection or smart phone

So with the great security, legality and simplicity of eSignature what is not to love?

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What will Affordable Care Act actually cost through the State Exchanges?

Posted by Tim Teague on Fri, May 31, 2013 @ 02:25 PM

describe the imageAs the Affordable Care Act moves closer to full implementation, the real test is soon to begin. As state insurance exchanges prepare for open enrollment in the fall of this year, premiums for various levels of coverage are starting to take shape. Most eyes are on the State of California as it is as close as any state to publishing hard rates.  Despite the political arguments that continue on Capital Hill, there still remains much confusion over where the rates will wind up. The following articles, one from Forbes, and one from the Covered California website depict two entirely different scenarios. The Covered California article compares rates and shows that rates on average will be between 2% higher and 29% lower through the Exchange.

The next article from Forbes points out that the comparisons are not apples to oranges and that the real comparison would show an increase through the exchange of up to 146%. 

It’s amazing that even with hard numbers there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on the true cost.  In the actuarial universe, there are several factors that determine what insurance rates are required to support specified coverage.  Two of the more important factors in rate determination are average age of insured and the total size of the group covered.  As stated in a prior blog, these two issues are going to be the impetus behind a push in the second half of the year to advertise and enroll as many younger adults as possible. Although the implementation of ObamaCare has continued its march, there could still be a few legislative hurdles before full implementation. In the world of politics, expect the unexpected.

Tags: Obamacare, Obama, healthcare recruiting and staffing software, healthcare industry, healthcare staffing industry, Affordable Care Act, Healthcare, healthcare staffing and recruiting software, healthcare scheduling software, healthcare staffing software, healthcare staffing agency, healthcare staffing credentialing, healthcare staffing trends, healthcare scheduling, staffing software, healthcare recruiting, Affordable Healthcare Act, healthcare reform, healthcare staffing payroll, ACA

Will Affordable Care Act present dilemma for Unions?

Posted by Tim Teague on Fri, May 24, 2013 @ 02:30 PM

13Several million employees across the US receive health insurance benefits through what is called a “multi-employer” plan, or otherwise known as a Taft-Hartley plan.  These plans currently cover unionized workers in retail, construction, transportation and other industries with seasonal or temporary employment. These plans are typically included in the employers collective bargaining agreements, and are typically fairly expensive.

The Affordable Care Act creates problems for these plans on two fronts. First, the current multi-employer plans will have to be significantly altered to meet the minimum requirements of the ACA. These plans will have to be modified to cover dependents up to age 26, eliminate annual or lifetime coverage limits, and extend coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. These changes will cause premiums to significantly rise over what employers have typically been paying.

The second issue that could cause problems is the attractiveness of state insurance exchanges where similar benefits may be obtained by workers at the same or lessor cost due to the subsidized nature of these exchanges.

The real question for both the ACA and Taft Hartley plans is if they can co-exist in todays healthcare market.

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