The BlueSky Community is a group of users with a common goal: better quality, more flexibility, and software created with the end-user in mind.

BlueSky Support Team

Exceptional customer service shouldn’t come with a price tag. BlueSky strives to give you the best customer support that your money doesn’t have to buy. We are committed to giving you the most thorough customer support and training using various methods. In addition, we will provide you with a dedicated Account Manager who will get to know you and your business.
BlueSky understands that no two agencies are the same and even though you have new software, you still have a business to run and that is why we develop each training program based on client needs. We promise to “hold your hand” through the entire on-boarding process, ensuring that you understand and learn each aspect of BlueSky. Together we will achieve success and satisfaction.

If you are a BlueSky client trying to reach support, you may submit a ticket and find answers to common questions via the BlueSky Knowledge Base.

Community Training

Community Training happens the 2nd Thursday of the month from 1:30pm-2:30pm (central time).

This training is available to all BlueSky users.  We cover an array of topics relevant to the community: BlueSky-specific training, industry trends, agency-specific how-to help, etc.

BlueSky users are encouraged to submit topics that they feel would be beneficial as well via the BlueSky Community Training Sign-Up Form.

This training allows users to communicate with each other and the BlueSky team in a collaborative environment.