BlueSky is Adaptable

BlueSky has a development and project management team with decades of experience in the healthcare sector. Our motto is, “Yes, we can do that!” If your workflow has been a challenge and you need to automate, BlueSky can help.

Reduce your workload by hundreds of hours; replace your double data entry manually keying from one system into another with a simple click of a button.

BlueSky may already have the integration you are looking for, and if not we can help you do it. No challenge is too big for our seasoned development veterans.

BlueSky is Adaptable

Prophecy Clinical Assessments

Test before you invest.

Seamless, immediate integration of testing and testing results into BlueSky keeps credential management, scheduling, and competency testing where they should be — together.

BlueSky offers a beautifully designed integration with Prophecy, formerly known as, to give you a comprehensive exam library to use.

These clinical competency assessments include OSHA and Joint Commission mandatories, nursing and allied assessments, clinical skills checklists as well as soft skill assessments.

Ensure your dedication to safe and effective patient care.

Prophecy Clinical Assessments

Prophecy Healthcare is your best choice in providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to your pre-employment screening.

  • Never grade an exam again
  • Reduce liability
  • Online testing
  • Nationally validated exam content

Prophecy is compliant with the Federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978), which require validity and reliability methodologies and measurements be used to substantiate the use of such selection procedures.

Each of Prophecy’s Clinical Assessments is put through a formal validation process, prior to launch, and is EEOC compliant. This process protects you when you use Prophecy to make important decisions.


In the staffing industry time is of the essence and having the right technology can make or break a company.  JobRobotix, a new breakthrough technology in medical staffing, allows agencies to fill VMS job assignments even faster.

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software has partnered with JobRobotix to automate the process of importing job orders from various job aggregators. Utilizing this tool, agencies can simply forward the orders from various VMS platforms to the BlueSky System via JobRobotix to quickly populate the system for fast candidate matching.


Your business moves fast. You don’t have time to wait for the signed copy to arrive. You need to move now.

BlueSky solves that problem with our e-signature client YouSignHere. Upload documents to and deliver them electronically without leaving BlueSky.

After the document is signed the sender will receive the signed document via email or can retrieve it at a later time.

You can also configure the service to ensure that once document is signed it will be purged from At any time you can upload the copy of your signed document back to to verify that the file was not tampered with. allows documents to be customized with fields can be populated with predefined values, eliminating data entry. BlueSky’s integration of saves you time and money.

Talk to us today to see how can help you.

Universal Background Screening

For more than thirty years Universal Background Screening has been a leading provider of background screening solutions. It includes a comprehensive selection of employment background checks and verifications, employee drug testing, employment physicals and compliance management services.

Their team understands the Joint Commission requirements related to background checks and credential verifications. They have established standard business practices that are in compliance with the standard of Credential Verifications Organizations (CVOs).

BlueSky customers receive a special rate with Universal Background Screening. Talk to us today to see how much you can save.

Universal Background Screening


TextUs is the most popular business texting software for recruiters to communicate faster and place more candidates.

Ask us how you can use TextUs with BlueSky today.