Nurse Staffing is complicated. You’ve got to get the right talent quickly, land more clients and contracts, keep up with the changing census models, ensure that your nurses keep their credentials up to date, keep up with worker availability calendars all while making sure that your competition doesn’t beat you to the punch.

Having the right technology in place can make all the difference.


Nurse Testing

BlueSky’s seamless integration with Prophecy Nurse testing allows you to send assessments directly from BlueSky. Your caregiver will receive and complete the test, and the results will automatically show up in your BlueSky system saving you time and paperwork.

Easy Credentialing

Ensuring your candidate quality is top-notch and credentialed is labor intensive and must be monitored daily. BlueSky makes this easy. We provide configurable, automated reminders for your and for your candidates keeping your employees ready to work at a moments notice.

Not only does BlueSky manage the entire documentation process, but it also keeps old files stored so that your entire archived filing cabinet can be available for you to view wherever you are.