BlueSky is a customizable software platform that can fit any organization’s specific needs. From physicians to allied professionals, lab workers to non-clinical workers, BlueSky easily accommodates them all.

Credential maintenance is a key aspect of any healthcare related assignment, and because BlueSky is very configurable it allows for worker-specific requirements to be assigned.

Managing multi-hospital privileges as well as malpractice reporting are key parts of locum tenens assignments. Allied professionals require their own discipline-specific requirements and are easily managed with the BlueSky system.

Since methods of pay can change, be it 1099 or W2, and periods for payrolls and invoicing can be different from facility to facility, staying on top of it all can be an Accounting nightmare. BlueSky provides front-end settings that simplify your workflow to make sure your reconciliation provides you with exactly what you need.

Medical Staffing

Medical staffing is the most complex segment of temporary assignments. Obviously, healthcare is a heavily regulated environment with significant statutory requirements that can change from one jurisdiction to the next.

With over 20+ years of national and international experience in medical staffing, leveraging BlueSky’s platform to help you navigate all of the many challenges is a smart choice.

Medical Staffing

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