Medical staffing is the most complex segment of temporary assignments.

Obviously, healthcare is a heavily regulated environment with significant statutory requirements that can change from one jurisdiction to the next.

With over 20+ years of national and international experience in medical staffing, leveraging BlueSky’s platform to help you navigate a complex regulatory landscape is a smart choice.

Why BlueSky

Joint Commission

Our experience in the industry has helped many satisfied customers achieve and maintain Joint Commission Certification. BlueSky moves beyond credentialing, and includes a diverse range of documentation. We realize your system must be designed to take into account such variables as jurisdiction, facility specific, unit or cost center, and even certifications for specific equipment. BlueSky provides unlimited configurability for ease of management.  Audits are feared no more.

Competency and Credentialing

BlueSky provides you with the ability to customize competency requirements as deeply as you need. We can let you get as specific as the type or brand of equipment that is used for a specialized assignment.

Competency testing, as well as mandatory evaluations become a part of the candidate’s profile, and are also date and time stamped for your future reference.

BlueSky has a seamless integration with Prophecy that allows you to send your caregivers clinical assessments directly from BlueSky. The results will return into BlueSky and be archived there for you to refer to in the future.

Credential expiration auto-notifications and warnings, can also be customized according to your need and individual facility requirements.

Increase Your Speed to Market

Speed to market is crucial. We believe that harnessing the power of technology is essential to your success.

With BlueSky you will have secure, customizable web-based portals for phones, tablets, and computers allowing information to flow as quickly as possible from your agency, candidates, clients and subcontractors.

BlueSky also enables you to quickly parse resumes and reach out to your smartly matched candidates with mass emails, click-to-call, auto-dialers and text messages.  BlueSky simply helps you recruit faster.

Fill Your Candidate Pool with Quality Talent

Getting the largest pool of quality talent is vital, so BlueSky automates the processes for you. Transferring lists, leads, and resumes into your BlueSky system is simple and fast giving you a sortable and easy to use database. Integrations with leading job boards and other key sites allow you to grab the best talent before your competition does.

See BlueSky in Action